Aug 27, 2010

Empty SharePoint Recycle bin in one go

It happened that I had around thousands of items in sharepoint site recycle bin and deleting it with sharepoint default delete items button was simply not possible as it would take forever to delete all items.

This nice little hack was very userful to me which deleted all items in a second!
As mentioned in this post

you just have to navigate to recycle bin page and type javascript:emptyItems();
which will delete all items.


  1. Replies
    1. You can type it straight away in the address bar. Javascript works there.
      Alternatively you can bring in the developer prompt and type it in the console window in the browser!

  2. just type it in the address bar of your browser where you see the url.
    Remove the url and just type without quotes this and press enter:

  3. Very nifty. Doesn't seem to work in the final stage of the site collection recycle bin. Items still appear in the 'Deleted from end user recycle bin' for 30 days by default. Still, very nice and makes you wonder why they don't include a button to do that...