Jun 26, 2012

Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution': Property 'SiteUrl' contains an invalid URL

You encounter this error when trying to deploy a BCS solution package in a different environment than where it was developed and tested.
Cause: in the feature xml there is this property which is set with your previous site url and it will fail in the new environment.

Know where you have to deploy the solution, get the new site url and update the feature xml and build new solution package and use it in the new environment.

Jul 19, 2011

acer iconia A500 honeycomb update 3.1 for India available now!

hey all!
I am happy to say that I finally got honeycomb 3.1 update today via ota.
Actually i got the message yesterday about the update via popup notification but tho I repeteadly tried installing the update, it just downloaded itself and was not doing anything.

the update was quite huge with size of 377.04mb and the number was 4.010.04
now understand the trouble of just downloading it over wifi 4 times without much success and that too in India where you are lucky if you get good speed even if you have a broadband!

anyways i was able to install it finally over the fifth try and it installed properly!
there are few applications ans some other updates which i may post about later but then this is it.

by the way this post is coming straight from my iconia A500 and I have just upgraded it to honeycomb 3.1!

Jul 12, 2011

Office SharePoint Server Search service in stopping mode

I got this error when I was trying to get a old system using MOSS 2007 to update. I restarted the 'Office SharePoint Server Search' service but it just froze on stopping mode and won't do anything.

I searched online and most of the posts asked to restart the server, which I was not ready to do as it was a production environment.

I got this nice work around and it worked for me:

The service is basically 'OSearch' so what I did was

* Opened a command prompt on the server and type: tasklist /svc
* From the list, check which one you need to close. I checked it was mssearch.exe for 'OSearch' . (remember there will be two mssearch.exe one for moss and wss I guess.)
* Note down its process id
* Run another command to kill that process from command line: taskkill /PID ABCD /F
(where ABCD is your port number)

Once this is done, run services.msc from run prompt and start your search service, it will not be in a hanged state anymore!