Dec 20, 2009

Installing SharePoint 2010

Hello all. I was all exicted when I heard about SharePoint 2010. And as it was 64 bit only, was worried a little bit whether it will work on my machine. It surely is demanding in terms of resource and system configuration both hardware and software wise, however I was able to install it on my system.
Sorry I didn't plan this post and you will find some installation screenshots missing, but I think I should post this anyway!

My QuadCore System specs:
Intel Q6600 Quad Core Processor
Corsair XMS2 2GB dual channel RAM
OS: Genuine Windowx XP SP3 (yes its xp still!)

Virtual Box (Yes, virtual pc 2007 will not support a 64 bit OS on windows xp)
Virtual OS: trial edition of Windows Server 2008 R2
SharePoint 2010
RAM ALLOCATED: 1280 MB (Yes, sharepoint 2010 worked with this memory in a vm!, tho cpu usage is always 99%-100%, I was able to run it and test it out)

This was to do with the system specs. Now here I'm pasting screenshots of how the installation procedure went. I got one or two errors regarding some missing hotfixes on the system, which I googled and installed.
So not to keep you waiting, here are the screenshots:




 So finally I was able to install it on a vm with not so much RAM. I'll be posting updates regarding my encounters with SharePoint 2010 very soon!

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