Nov 28, 2009

Connection to server timed out

I was trying out Mozilla Thunderbird to connecto to my windows live account. I got this "connection to server timed out' error when I had provided all details to the free email client.
However as I soon found out through some R&D online that you need to provide specific details in outgoing as well as incoming settings for it to work, failing to do so will result in the above error. Here I'm listing out them

Incoming settings:
server name:
port: 995
username: Your full e-mail address
Security: tick SSL , do not select the checkbox
(also set other options regarding email like I have selected not to delete any mail from my box after download)

Outgoing settings:
Server Name:
Port: 587
User Name: Your full e-mail address
Secure Connection: TLS

Once you do these, your mail will start downloading. After all thunderbird is a good email client

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